FROM 14TH TO 18TH MAY 2018




A musical love story (with contraception)
By Gwyneth Herbert and Diane Samuels

THE RHYTHM METHOD is an extraordinary new British musical in the making - about the stuff that’s difficult to talk about - sex, relationships and contraception.

With a top West End cast including Fra Fee and Melanie Marshall, and a four piece band, THE RHYTHM METHOD tells the emotional and physical journies of the people that meet at the Tea Room, where the brew is hot and the eggs are freshly laid – all served with love and understanding. After all, this address sports a weathered green plaque outside, for it was once the first Marie Stopes’ Mothers’ Clinic founded in 1921. And the work continues into the twenty-first century.....

As the welfare state fades and austerity kicks in, the Tea Room is a life-line for the ever-changing facts (and fictions) of life, and owner Lady Pearl Grey’s precious skills as a nurse and counsellor are needed more than ever. When grand-daughter Flick arrives and meets young scientist Sol on the brink of medical greatness, could each find their true rhythm and the best method by which to live it?

With only 7 performances at the Landor, the audience will be given a unique musical theatre experience to see a showcase of Gwyneth Herbert and Diane Samuels’ new musical THE RHYTHM METHOD.

Following the performance, you the audience will have the opportunity to talk to the creative team and guest speakers, who have been contributing to the development of the project, for a lively discussion that will help help inform and develop the next stage of the show’s life. Some of the speakers include Lesley Hall (specialist in Family Planning history) and Alana Harris (academic specialising in religion and contraception).

THE RHYTHM METHOD is produced by The Stable with development support from The Wellcome Trust. 


All tickets £11

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