Crazy Gary’s Mobile Disco

27TH TO 31ST MARCH 2018

CGMD-Main Version.jpg

Saturday night and it’s all kicking off in a small town in Wales.

One pub, one party and three lads all stuck with their school reputations - the gimp, the geek and the bully, but all share the same dream, to get the hell out of this town.

Crazy Gary’s Mobile Disco, the breakthrough play from Welsh writer Gary Owen, explores masculinity in crisis and what it means to be a man in 21st century Wales. Its packed full of mindless violence, the truly extraordinary and the just plain mad. 


Tickets £12 / £10 Concessions.


Creative Team:

Director Or Benezra-Segal

Producer / Assistant Director Esther Fernández

Designer Lauren Dix

Assistant Designer Hugo Aguirre

Illustrator Lumps



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