12TH & 13TH JULY 2018

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The year is 1994 and the city of Sarajevo has been under siege by Bosnian Serb artillery for 2 years. Conditions in the city have become intolerable as daily shelling and sniper fire are raining down on the cities inhabitants. In Saint Marks Cemetery on the cities northern fringe lies the tomb of arguably Bosnia's most famous son, Gavrilo Princip. With water and electricity cut off by Sarajevo's attackers the towns people have found a new use for this formerly sacred site, they are shitting in it. 


Watching from purgatory we find Gavrilo. Since the shot he fired 80 years ago killing the Archduke Franz Ferdinand he has watched the century of his creation destroy itself and is now watching as his country has its final death throes of civil war and genocide. 


His name is Gavrilo Princip. He fired the shot that changed the world. This 1 hour play explores Gavrilo's story as he battles with his legacy, his life and the world he left behind forever changed. '


Creative team:

Written and Performed by Oliver Yellop

Music by George MacKenzie Lowe and Fergal Mulloy

Directed by Jennifer Lee



Tickets £10

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